Reverend gay rights speech

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Reverend gay rights speech

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Posts Tagged ‘free speech’. Gloria’s a lot like Reverend Falwell, just selling her take. . He’d voted against every piece of gay-rights legislation in the last 20 years and was gay himself.
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Rev. Phil Snider Talks Viral Gay Rights Speech and...

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Reverend Dr. Phil Snyder, The Legal Satyricon

Springfield Missouri Reverend Dr. Phil Snyder makes an impassioned speech to the City Council while it was considering a gay rights issue. He invokes the Bible pretty effectively… watch… all the way to the end.

Bullying or Debating? Religious Privilege or Freedom of Speech?

Kelly: No, that provision of that law specifically distinguishes that the anti-bullying law is not to be construed as a violation of first amendment rights. It reads: (8) “This section does not abridge the rights under the first amendment of. logs...of-speech/

Walking With Integrity: November 2008

The Reverend Susan Russell heads a national organization in the U.S. Episcopal Church called Integrity, which supports gay rights .

Recap: True Blood - Fire in the Hole

I never knew that life on Earth could be heaven!” (Her speech seems meant to echo an exchange that Sam, who’s all shook up after his visit to the sits of the vampire massacre at St. Alice, has with Reverend Daniels.

Texas Restaurant Tells Gay Couple They “Don’t Serve Fags...

A gay couple living in Pittsburg, Texas is claiming they received discriminatory treatment at a local restaurant this week, telling KLTV they were informed by a waitress at Big Earl’s Restaurant that they could “never return” because.

David R. Usher...a Gay "Reverend" Reveals...

My article “How To Stop Gay Activism In The Episcopal Church” brought an astonishing confession from a gay Episcopal “Reverend” evidencing the true goal of false acolytes now conquering major religious institutions: Spirituality.

Coming Out Journal

via The Advocate: In his commencement speech at the historically African-American Morehouse College, President Obama gave an unexpectedly direct shout-out to gay graduates. You can watch the speech here.

Chick-fil-a News and Photos | Perez Hilton

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